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October 2014 Goals: Day 6 Update

Yikes! Days 3, 4 & 5 were no-gos for actually publishing content. I did work on some stuff, but didn’t finish anything. Today, however, I did two different bit of content, and worked on my other goals. Here’s the round-up.

Content Goal

Today I updated my Elance Profile. I didn’t realize that I never finished filling this out when I started it over a year ago. Since I wasn’t really using it at the time it wasn’t a big deal. Now, however, I need to use it to not only boost my web presence, but also to boost my chances of landing a job via Elance.com. I wrote about 5000 words between my keywords, services, and description. I still need to add some more stuff such as my portfolio, employment, etc, which I will likely do tomorrow.

I also wrote and sent out a newsletter to the Social Media Tips Weekly list. I’ve been consistently getting a high open rate with these. We’ll see if it holds up. If you’d like to get Social Media Tips delivered to your inbox weekly, sign up here.

Facebook Contest Goal

Worked a little more on this today before I left for the gym. The design is starting to come together, so I’m stoked about that. Although, I have a tendency to want to add more and more to make the contest page more appealing. I might have to cut some stuff out just to get it launched. My goal for launching is Wednesday.

Income Goal

Filling out more of my profile on Elance.com counts for this goal as well. However, I also bookmarked some jobs to send my proposal to. I also followed up with a contact of mine about a Facebook Page setup. He’s sending me some files that he wants modified for the cover photo and profile picture. After that we’ll discuss some more work. That’s actually money I’m earning, people! Yahoo! Anyway…

I also followed up with another contact for a meeting. She was one of the first ladies I trained in social media, and I’m interested to catch back up with her and see what’s going on with her company.

Conclusion: Day 6 was very productive!

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