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Life Reboot: Month 5

So, it’s been five months since I started this life reboot endeavor. I did not work enough last month towards my goals, but this month was better.

I Can Do This

The only lesson that I learned this month was realizing that I can do this. It might be hard and I might not always get it right, but I know now that I’ve got this.

I had one of those moments where the fog cleared allowing me to look back and see how far I’ve come. I still have far to go, but it’s nice to see where I’m at so far.

I couldn’t have made it this far without the help of my amazing friends and family. I don’t think I would have made it this far without their help.

The Check-In

So now for the actual check-in.

Exercise More Consistently. I did exercise more this month than I did last month, but it still isn’t as consistent as I would like it to be. For that, I am giving myself a D.

Grade: D

Eat better. I also ate better overall this month. Again, though, I want to do better. My goal this next month is not to drink so much beer and wine. I got into a really bad habit of drinking a lot and my weight is reflecting that. It’s also not healthy to indulge that much.

Grade: D

Write more. I actually wrote a lot more than I did the month before last. Not only in words, but also in days. Even though, I decided not to do NaNoWriMo, I still managed to write a little bit on my book and also worked on several blog posts.

Grade: C

Read more nonfiction. I actually finished 2 books this last month, but didn’t read as consistently as I wanted to. I still read a lot more fiction than nonfiction. I think that would be okay as long as it’s a little more balanced.

Grade: D

Enjoy just being more. Wow. I didn’t do hardly anything this month where I slowed down and took time for myself. As a result I was definitely more stressed out. I have to remember that this is good for me, and stop ignoring the need for it.

Grade: F

Ship more. Even though I worked on several blog posts and some other projects, I didn’t actually “release” very much this month. Next month I want to focus on trying to push out smaller projects instead of focusing on bigger ones. Or, I will try to break down those bigger projects into smaller achievable goals that I can “push live”.

Grade: F

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