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Current Projects

My list of current business, writing, coding, and personal projects.
  • The Frustrated Marketer Newsletter
  • Programming Some Automations for My Day Job
  • Revamping Team 3 Media
  • Finishing Short Stories
  • Gearing up for NaNoWriMo with a new novel
  • Thriller on C-Street
  • Reorganizing My Life

Novel Stats

WIP Title: Project Marshmallow
21% Complete
10,319 of 50,000 words

Life Reboot: A Rededication

So, I missed the check in for month 6. This post will suffice to cover month 6 and 7.

Month 6 and part of Month 7 just plain sucked. I made little to no progress towards any of my goals, or anything in my life really. I pretty much just checked-out of doing things, unless it was really important to do so. You know, like paying bills and stuff… I know a lot of that was because of the emotional stress of this particular Christmas. Almost a year ago my husband and I split up. So, I got to experience the “let’s replay everything Cassie did wrong or had to go through last year” on replay in my head for weeks. Needless to say, I had no headspace for tackling anything else.

Now that I’m out the other side of that mess, I’ve rededicated myself to working through this life reboot. The whole point in starting this was to work on the parts of my life I was unhappy with, so I could live the life I wanted. For a while there it was going okay. I had setbacks, but I was making progress. Then it all got derailed. In the past, I probably would have let that derailment rule my life. I am determined to not let that happen, though. So, today I pledge to get back on track. To again work towards a life that I want.

Normally, I’d end the post with a normal full check-in list. I’m not going to do that this time. I know I sucked at it all, and I’d rather not examine that. I will just move on and look forward to a post next month where I can check-in and show progress again.

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Hi, I’m Cassie. I love books and media and think that they have the power to change our lives. I also love to write, play games like Minecraft and ARK, cook, run, and dance. For a living, I provide Digital Marketing and Website Design services under the company I founded Team 3 Media. Currently, I’m working on writing more, learning to bake better bread, and staying consistent with my health and fitness goals.

Life Reboot: Month 5

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