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My list of current business, writing, coding, and personal projects.
  • The Frustrated Marketer Newsletter
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  • Revamping Team 3 Media
  • Finishing Short Stories
  • Gearing up for NaNoWriMo with a new novel
  • Thriller on C-Street
  • Reorganizing My Life

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Life Reboot: 1 Year Update and a Renewal

I was video chatting with my best friend over Skype the other night and somehow the conversation got around to what I want to do with my life. I think this came up because we were talking about my financial situation which is decidedly “not good”, and right now I feel like I’m stuck between a rock and hard place. I’m doing what I can to wiggle out of it, but I feel like the more I move, the more I get crushed. I’ll make my way out eventually. Right now it just sucks. All this financial suckage is making me super-worried and stressed out. It makes me question everything… and I do mean everything.

This morning I realized that all this worry and stress was making me put off finishing this post. I’ve come back to it several times since I was supposed to post it, but never got through it. Today, it occured to me that it was because I don’t feel like this Life Reboot is finished. I think I’m through the first round. I didn’t come through gracefully, but I am here and I understand now what I need to do to continue on this journey. Number one is to just stop waffling about what I’m going to do, state it, and go after it. Thanks, Alexis, by the way. That gave me just the kick in the pants I needed.

So, here’s what I want out of my life:

  • I want to publish this podcast Alexis and I have been working on.
  • I want to get out of debt as permanently as possible.
  • I want to find a better paying job or find a cheaper place to live. Preferably both.
  • I want to finish “The Social Media Design Guide” product, and the other products I’ve been working on to turn my business into a more “passive income” business.
  • I want to get back into shape and run another 5k, this time without the guilt trip.
  • I want to continue dancing and take jazz dance classes, which is my first dance love.
  • I want to take college classes. Either history or writing or both.
  • I want to finish my book, even if I don’t publish it.

I know I won’t be able to do all of these at once, and none of them will be accomplished without a plan and things that I need to work on everyday to make that plan a reality.

Last year, these were the baby steps I was using to work towards my goals:

  • Exercise More Consistently
  • Eat Better
  • Write More
  • Read More Nonfiction
  • Enjoy Just Being More
  • Ship More

I think these were good for last year. Their uncommitted language was a direct reflection of where I was with my life: just trying to stay afloat. This year I want to have more concrete steps.

I thought a lot about the wording of these steps. I wanted to make them as concrete as possible. They are:

  • Accumulate at least 1000 steps a day or do at least 10 minutes of exercise.
  • Drink at least 100 oz of water per day.
  • Eat at least 1 fruit or vegetable with every meal.
  • Write every day.
  • Work on Team 3 Media work every day.
  • Work on the Literary Llamacorns podcast at least 2 hours every week.

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Hi, I’m Cassie. I love books and media and think that they have the power to change our lives. I also love to write, play games like Minecraft and ARK, cook, run, and dance. For a living, I provide Digital Marketing and Website Design services under the company I founded Team 3 Media. Currently, I’m working on writing more, learning to bake better bread, and staying consistent with my health and fitness goals.

Life Reboot: Month 11

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