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WIP Title: Project Marshmallow
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Life Reboot: Month 1

So, it’s been a month since I decided to reboot my life. Here’s where I’m at with the various areas I want to improve.

Exercise more consistently. Exercising more consistently was mostly a bust. The only thing that I think saved it was all the walking and activity I did while on vacation. It’s not exercise, but I was definitely more active, and that is good enough for now. Next month I will try to make it a part of my normal schedule. Now that I’m back from vacation, I can focus on getting back to my regularly scheduled programming.

Grade: D

Eat better. The first couple of weeks in the month this worked really well. I ate more veggies and drank more water. Then I had a week where I was completely alone without anything to do for my vacation where my nutrition just took a serious nose-dive. On my vacation it picked back up a little bit since I was trying to enjoy eating all the foods I missed from the midwest, but I was also trying not to go overboard by drinking a lot of Dr. Pepper. For the most part, I was successful. Then I got back from vacation and the week I got back was not great. This week, it’s been better. Right now I’m focusing on increasing my water intake, and eating more fruits and vegetables.

Grade: C

Write more. Surprisingly, I actually wrote more consistently in the month before I published the reboot post than after. I think part of that was just working through what I needed to work through so that I could write the reboot post. Anyway, I plan on making writing a daily practice. Now to go set a reminder for that…

Grade: F

Read more nonfiction. Again, this was not something that went really well the first month. I started re-reading “Just Fucking Ship” by Amy Hoy. I had started it previously, but hadn’t finished it. I’ve gotten a little farther this time in it. The problem I think is the time I’m choosing to read. Right before bed is not a good time to read non-fiction. I can rarely concentrate on it long enough to absorb anything. So, I’ll have to choose a different time moving forward.

Grade: D

Enjoy just being more. Having to walk dogs (even just to go potty) multiple times a day for a couple of weeks went a long way to helping me just get away from just “doing something” all the time. I felt a lot more relaxed during this time. Since my son was also with family, I noticed that the quiet was (while odd), kind of a welcome change. At least at first. By the end of the time that he was gone, I was literally dying to see him. Still, I know it helps to take even a few minutes out of every day to do something that gets me away from worrying about what’s going on with my life.

Grade: C

Ship more. I published one blog post and setup an rss feed email sign up for this blog, which has been missing for a while. I got a web design done for one of my clients. Overall, I didn’t ship a lot in the last month, but one of those weeks I was on vacation. Next month, I’ll focus on doing more. Maybe I will try shipping 1 thing every week. We’ll see how it goes.

Grade: D

So, my first month was not so great, but that’s okay. I can change it next month. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I can make it work. It’s all about seeing where I’m at and making small adjustments until I’m walking down the path I want to head down.

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Hi, I’m Cassie. I love books and media and think that they have the power to change our lives. I also love to write, play games like Minecraft and ARK, cook, run, and dance. For a living, I provide Digital Marketing and Website Design services under the company I founded Team 3 Media. Currently, I’m working on writing more, learning to bake better bread, and staying consistent with my health and fitness goals.

Life Reboot: Month 2

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