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That’s What Makes the Website Grow

So, part of my day job is taking old websites and moving them to a more modern platform and design in WordPress. This means a lot of copying and pasting of content. Sometimes that gets very tedious. My mind tends to wander when I do this work, so I usually listen to music or have an episode of a show playing that I’m not really invested in. This gives my right brain something to do other than try to put me in constant squirrel mode. I’ve found I can be very productive this way.

For some reason today I was not listening to music. I guess my brain was used to it, because somewhere in the middle the lyrics for “That’s What Makes the World Go Round” from Disney’s The Sword in the Stone popped into my head. Except this time the words were different. 

At first it was just:

Copy and paste

Copy and paste

That’s what makes the website grow

I’m not really sure why the song popped into my head, but it was enough to distract me. I reviewed the words in my head and thought I can do better than that… So I took 10 minutes and made this:

Copy and paste

On the page

That’s what makes the website grow

Image 1

Right aligned

That’s what makes the website grow

Every headline needs to be

Bold and sharp so we can see

Contrast, subject, clarity,

Information, and brevity.

And that’s as far as I got. It won’t win any Grammys, but that’s ok. It’s not meant to. It’s just a quick burst of creativity that I wanted to share with you. I hope you enjoyed it. Now, carry on making and doing. I’m trying to do that more and more with my life.

P.S. The Sword in the Stone is one of my favorite Disney Movies. I actually adore a lot of Disney Movies, but this one is a particular favorite, because it has a very good subtle plot. Also, magic, knowledge, and silly songs are all good things in my opinion. If you’ve never seen it, you should. It’s definitely one of their more underrated films.

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Hi, I’m Cassie. I love books and media and think that they have the power to change our lives. I also love to write, play games like Minecraft and ARK, cook, run, and dance. For a living, I provide Digital Marketing and Website Design services under the company I founded Team 3 Media. Currently, I’m working on writing more, learning to bake better bread, and staying consistent with my health and fitness goals.

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